The Fitbit charge 4 fitness tracker just got released and the new features are intriguing and are what we all have been waiting for especially during this quarantine time when we need to be even more fit.
For starters, the minimalistic and unique sleek design as previously seen in its predecessors has been maintained. It now finally includes a GPS tracker that keeps track of all your outdoor workouts. In general, we can say this is more of a smartwatch but with the perks of a fitness trainer.
Some interesting news is that Fitbit, which is google owned, will be joining in the fight against viral infections. this is in conjunction with Stanford university. This move comes at a time when the world is fighting the covid-19 virus.


Without doubt, there are many other fitness wearables with better features than the Fitbit Charge 4. But these great feature come with a huge price tag on them. Coming to Fitbit, you can get some of these features plus a sleek design at a fairly decent price of $150.

1. Touch Screen

The Fitbit charge 4 screen has a black and white display system. The unique aspect is that Fitbit has managed to do away with buttons and incorporate touch screen capabilities. The timely responsiveness is not as that as your smart phone but it is tolerable.
For instance, it can take a few seconds for it to light up when you wake the screen. Personally I don’t find this a big issue, because it’s not a device that I will keep glancing at from time to time like my phone. The only big bother could be maybe while you’re running and want to take a quick glance at your stat and return to keeping your eyes on the road. This is also contributed by the fact that visibility is a bit reduced in direct sunlight.

2. Colors

The regular Charge 4 comes in three different colors. These are black, rosewood and storm blue. The Special Edition (SE) comes with a granite reflective woven band at an extra $20. The straps are also easy to swap as compared to the Charge 2 version.

Fitbit charge 4

3. Comfort

When you tighten up the charge 4 onto your arm, it doesn’t dig into your skin. The woven straps also increase the comfort by reducing the sweat probability around your wrist due to the porous fabric. You can also comfortably sleep with it in your arm.

4. Sleep tracking

The Fitbit Charge 4 comes with advanced sensors and algorithms along with an intuitive app experience that allows you to know more about your sleep.
The Fitbit app gives you a Sleep Score based on everything from sleep duration to sleep stages, heart rate and variations in blood oxygen levels.
You can also set bedtime goals and reminders which will help you to analyze your sleep data better.
The app has actually proven to be useful by providing some useful data about my sleep habits.  The app also gives you advice on how to improve your sleep score, like keeping your bedtime consistent, regardless of how late (or early) it is.

5. In-built GPS

For some serious runners, this feature is very important. The GPS allows the Charge 4 to map your route during your runs, walks, hikes or even bike riding.
You can also see a heat map of your route on the Fitbit app, which also indicates the intensity at which you were running based on your heart rate.
The Charge 4 has added a new metric called Active Zone Minutes, which uses your heart rate zones to determine the intensity of your workout.
The goal is to have 150 active minutes logged by the end of each week, but you can increase or decrease the target based on your fitness level. 

Fitbit charge 4

6. Reminders to move

You can see for how long you have been active during the day and get reminders to fit in a few extra steps when you’ve been sitting for long.

7. Battery Life

Fitbit says that the Charge 4 can last up to seven days on a single charge. I barely made it past day 4 of four hours a day usage. This however does not come as a surprise. The main contributor of this is the GPS functionality.
If you need to conserve your battery and use it for long, you can should turn off your GPS. I did not mind charging it and four days.

Fitbit charge 4

Some of the tracking features available in the Charge 4 are like cycling tracking, yoga tracking etc. Some other common features are like swim-proof, exercise programming and goal setting like pace.
A few years ago, Fitbit started breaking out heart rate data into training zones for each activity, based on age and weight. After a workout you can log into the mobile app and see how long you were in fat burn, cardio or peak.
The Charge 4 adds real-time heart rate zone notifications so you can take action during your workout.
Such features really help in pushing you to the extremes of working out and actually hitting your goals.
Every time you reach each zone, you get a buzz. If you need motivation to work out, this can be your perfect buddy.

Honorable mentions

With no doubt, the Charge 4 is more than a normal health and fitness tracker especially with the smart features. When connected with your phone, you can receive notifications for both Android and IOS but only Android users can reply to them,
For Spotify premium subscribers, you can use the Charge 4 as a wrist remote to control your music less the ability to control the volume.
It also includes an agenda app along with the existing timer, alarm and weather apps. It also comes with the tap-to-pay payment terminal

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