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Leading Web Design Trends to Follow in 2020

There are millions of websites out there and every hour there are thousands more being uploaded. As a web designer you’d want what you create to stand out.
2020 is here and the designs coming up will steal your heart and make you truly unique in this highly competitive field. In summary the general design trend is likely to be somber and specifically targeted to leaving users wanting for more.
Here is our sample of the trends to expect the better part of this century:
1. Floating elements and soft shadows
Soft shadows and floating visuals make your website unique by infusing some extent of 3D effect to your users. They bring out the depth in elements and some visual appeal. You can apply the trend to any text, images, videos, etc.
The best way to achieve this effect is by using layering to place elements on top of each other. Light weight shadows, as shown below, are perfect for creating a drowning feeling and multi-dimensional immersion into the design.

Floating elements and soft shadows
Floating elements and soft shadows

2. Monochromatic color effects

This trend has been there since 2017, but in this century, it seems to be evolving to something better by embracing more simplicity and beauty through its integration with the minimalistic design approach.
This trend works best in graphic visuals such as videos and images but mostly in images.

Monochromatic color effects

3. Dark mode

Dark mode is one of the most popular UI/UX design trends in 2020. From mobile applications to web designs. The trend is so popular because it lets the users have control over some visual appealing design aspects of the UI by creating an ultra modern design.
This design trend is also useful in saving battery and eye protection due to reduced brightness.

Dark mode

4. Branded animations

Many companies want to leave a lasting impression on their customers. Traditionally, this has been achieved through fancy logos and gifs, but it wasn’t enough.
To retain their image to a user’s brain, companies tend to animate the traditional static logos and infuse them periodically in their products which helps in boosting the user experience through immersive brand animations.

Branded animations

5. Immersive 3D elements

Nothing is visually appealing and satisfying such as an interactive 3D element on the web. These elements attract users and make them immersed into the design as they get fascinated by the elements.
Designers are beginning to realize the reality of advancements in tech, especially in AR and VR and they are beginning to infuse the same on the web, which helps in making the user experience greater by day.

Immersive 3D elements

6. Line art

Line art is a schematic, simplified illustration style. It is mostly great for conveying concepts and ideas as a result of its clean, elegant, and unobtrusive look and feel.
Line art helps in bringing out some form of originality and creativity from the designer hence making the website stand out from the crowd.

Line art

7. Image and text masking

This approach helps in bringing out the minimalistic technique much better. Image and text masking is however not a new technique but it still looks cleaner in 2020 especially when used together with desired typography to bring out the desired effect.
What makes this trend stand the test of time is the ability of designers to infuse text and images perfectly.

Image & text masking

8. Unique shortcomings

This is a web design technique used to bring a pixel-perfect effect to web elements.
This helps users to identify more with your brand through triggered thinking from the graphics.

Unique shortcomings
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