It is said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and these websites have surpassed our wildest dreams of design capabilities. Web design continues to evolve day by day and we are so excited about what is to come in this decade.
Some of the leading web design trends in 2020 have already provided a hallmark of what is to come in this year and beyond. From creative miniatures to immersive 3D elements, these web designers have managed to bring a high sense of uniqueness for their websites.
These beautiful designs have also won some of the prestigious design awards such as Awwwards. Your imagination and skills are the only limit in this design space. Let us now have a look at some of these awesome websites.

1. Rested


A combination of warm colors with a minimalistic approach make this website instantly attractive to any first time user.
Beautiful and interactive animations also enhance user engagement. The message is also clearly brought out by the nice fonts.

2. Zenly


Zenly has intent interactive illustrations on most places on the website. The interactive illustrations are strategically placed such as at the bottom of the screen where they will not be intrusive on the user’s visual appeal.


The beautiful 3D illustrations complement the design which has a beautiful color scheme for each screen to match the message being passed.

3. Eswap


Interactive illustrations help in passing a clear message about the website.
Immersive 3D elements also increase the level of user interaction ensuring that users fully engage with the website. Background videography also helps in boosting the attention span of the user on the website.

4. Species in Pieces

Species in Pieces

Starting as a personal project, this website was built with an aim of creating awareness about some of the endangered species. The website is unique because the interactive elements are separate pieces which are pieced together using javascript during scrolling.

Species in Pieces

The beautiful color scheme that changes on every scroll make the website highly interactive and visually appealing. Some background music on the website also helps in enhancing user engagement.

5. The Year of Greta

The year of Greta

If you are looking for a well designed portfolio website with amazing immersive 3D elements, this website can be a great bet for you.
As you scroll down, the images and videos appear to be coming from below the sculpture at the middle in form of a whirl wind. Monochromatic color effects also enhance the visual appeal on the videos while hovering over them.

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